• Enables each battery to be only charged by its dock, not by ordinary adapter
  • Cruises an exemplary power capacity that keeps your device pumped up at all times
  • Strikes multiple interfaces that allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Delivers protection against short circuit, power surge, overheating and overcharging
  • Features a compact that allows you to conveniently place it even in smallest of places in your restaurant


3 in 1 Power Bank Station 8000mAh Powerology With Built-in Cable,3 Portable Power Bank Packs and 1 Rapid Recharging Station Compatible Lightning Devices,MicroUSB Devices,Type C Charging Ports
This charging dock can charge 3 batteries at once, in addition to 3 USB ports that make it ideal for all the family members, guests, staff and more. Never wait for a portable battery to be charged, you will always have one ready.


  • Power Packs: 3 x 8000mAh
  • Number of Charging Ports: 6 (2 on each Power Bank)
  • Built-In Connectors: 3
  • Wall Adapter Input: 100V-240V-50/60Hz
  • Wall Adapter Output: 12V-5V
  • Wall Plug Type: UK
  • Power Bank Output: 5V-2.1A
  • Weight: 520g
  • Station Dimension: 10.8cm(L)X10.8cm(W)x5.6cm(H)
  • Power Bank Dimension: 13.9cm(L)X7.3cm(W)x1.38cm(H)